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     "That what brought me to seek Bonnie's counselling practice, (my son's gambling), turned out to be the gateway issue. By looking at the cycles of how individuals make personal changes I very quickly learned about healthy boundaries and where to invest my focus and energy. That is when my own personal work came to the fore. I am so grateful that Bonnie was able to accompany me on this part of the journey, one of personal insight and responsibility. The journey is far from over...I am so grateful for the helpful strategies that were shared and the open door of support.

     Bonnie is a competent, compassionate, insightful counsellor that has the ability to truly listen without judgment to the issues at hand. She has a wide range of insights, strategies, and tools that are so helpful and supportive to the process of moving forward."  ~Anonymous 2016



     "Bonnie came highly recommended to us by a close friend. Knowing of our friends experience and how happy they are now as a couple left us with no reservations at all about counselling. We have had a fairly normal, healthy relationship for most of 25 years, but it was becoming increasingly evident that we were creating barriers in our relationship and respectful communication between us was becoming a challenge. As a result many hurtful arguments and exchanges followed. Although our marriage was not what we would have considered to be “on the rocks” we knew we needed guidance and strategies to make our marriage the best it can be.


     Bonnie was a very good fit for us. She’s easy to work with and very caring. We were surprised at how often during our sessions we actually found ourselves laughing! Our lives have changed with therapy. Bonnie’s style of therapy made us feel comfortable to open up about things we never thought we would. Bonnie gave us the tools we were looking for to help us find harmony, compassion and communication. She is a calm and caring counselor and definitely helped us to learn more about ourselves.


     By exploring our own personality traits and personal issues, we came to a much better understanding of each other. Now we set aside time for each other just to talk or to touch base throughout the busy days. The communication skills we have learned have proven to be priceless!


     After just a few sessions with Bonnie, instead of our marriage heading slowly towards the rocks, our 25 year marriage simply ROCKS! We continue to employ the tools given us on a daily basis and are happier now than ever before! While it is love that brought us together, and kept us together, we have learned that communication provides the foundation for a healthy, happy, lasting relationship. We highly recommend Bonnie to couples, or individuals for marital or relationship counselling. Thank you Bonnie!"

          ~ S and S      2016

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